Aug 7, 2015

New Keldian CDs are now available!

New Keldian CDs are now available directly from the Perris Records webshop, shipping worldwide! The albums include new concept art by Niall Parkinson, and liner notes by the band.
This is the first general CD release of our latest album OUTBOUND, and the long-awaited reissues of HEAVEN'S GATE and JOURNEY OF SOULS.

Click here to go to Keldian on Perris Records

May 29, 2015

Keldian CD reissues coming this summer!

Perris Records was the original home of Keldian when we started out, and we are excited to announce that we will work with Perris again on CD reissues of all three Keldian albums: HEAVEN’S GATE (2007), JOURNEY OF SOULS (2008) and OUTBOUND (2013), all set for worldwide release this summer.

This will be the first general CD release of our latest album, OUTBOUND.
The reissues of HEAVEN’S GATE and JOURNEY OF SOULS will be the CD debut of the remastered audio for those records, which was previously only available as digital downloads.
The albums will feature redesigned booklets with new liner notes by the band, and there will be new concept art included.

Stay tuned for release dates and detailed information!

We would like to thank Tom Mathers at Perris Records for giving us this opportunity, and all you loyal fans who have been waiting patiently for more Keldian on CD.

Arild & Chris

May 27, 2015

Journey of Souls, 7 years after release

In celebration of JOURNEY OF SOULS, Zack Miller of the Auditory Spectrum does a track-by-track review of the album, including a commentary from Chris. Check it out!

Apr 13, 2015

Keldian CD reissues

We regret to announce that we are pulling out of the planned reissues of Keldian albums on CD.

In April 2014 IceWarrior Records (a part of Rock It Up) agreed to release all three Keldian albums for the CD format during 2015, starting with OUTBOUND early in the year and moving on to the previous records.

However, since IceWarrior announced the deal on September 24 last year, they have failed to respond to any of our numerous inquiries about project progress, and they have failed to set a release date for OUTBOUND. We have simply heard nothing from the label for over six months. No answers, no contact, not a word.

This is unacceptably unprofessional behavior by IceWarrior, which also makes us look like fools in the eyes of our fans. We have therefore informed the label that the deal is off, for good. In other words, sorry - no CDs. We wanted to make this happen for you, the fans, even with a deal that would not have benefited us financially.

We're now focused on writing material for the NEXT KELDIAN RECORD, which is going to blow your minds.

All the very best, SIC ITUR AD ASTRA
Arild & Chris

May 15, 2014

Changing digital distro

We are currently in the process of changing digital distributor.
The first albums being transferred to our new service is Heaven's Gate and Journey of Souls.

Unfortunately some downtime during the transition process is to be expected.

Affected stores & streaming services are: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Nokia OVI, Deezer, eMusic, Wimp, Rdio, 7Digital, 24/7 (9 stores), Rhapsody, Simfy, Spotify and Vidzone Digital.

We hope all is back to normal within a couple of weeks.
Thank you for your patience.

Apr 29, 2014

Hidden history update!

Head on over to our website and click on the Galactic Butterfly.
There you'll find the Hidden History of Keldian, and the OUTBOUND section has just been updated with a little treat for you...

Feb 3, 2014

AMA session with Keldian tuesday! (04.feb.2014)

Tuesday (04.feb.2014) both Arild and Chris will be live on Reddit for an ASK ME ANYTHING session.
Los Angeles 10:45 am, New York 1:45 pm, Oslo 19:45. You can probably work out the rest.  
Register (is easier than you think) to participate and bring on those probing questions. 

Click here to head on over to Reddit, PowerMetal! 

Our handles for the session will be: ArildKeldian & ChrisKeldian.

Jan 28, 2014

Keldian in the polls, 2013

The 2013 Power Metal Awards at Reddit's /r/PowerMetal have named Keldian's NEVER EXISTED as Best Track and OUTBOUND as Best Album of 2013!
Reddit: PowerMetal Awards 2013 Results

OUTBOUND is number 3 in Black Wind Metal's "Top Power Metal of 2013" poll!
Black Wind Metal: Top power metal of 2013

OUTBOUND rocks at number 2 in the "Best 30 Albums of 2013" at webradio EAT THIS!
Eat This!: Best 30 albums of 2013

Jan 12, 2014

Track-by-track review and exclusive commentary

Read Zack Miller's track-by-track review and exclusive commentary with Chris, delving deeper into the story behind the tracks of Outbound.

REVIEW: Outbound, track-by-track and exclusive artist commentary

Don't forget to check out some of our previous reviews as well! Our original review post is being constantly updated. Click here to view all Outbound reviews.

Dec 22, 2013

It's Christmas! You wanna hear some more new Keldian?

We got a present for you! Go to our website and move your mouse around the front page, you'll find the door to our Hidden History section (Hint: Galactic Butterfly).
Two tracks that didn't make the final cut for OUTBOUND are there.
Merry Christmas!

Dec 19, 2013

Album of the month! (Rock Hard Magazine, France)

Published in Rock Hard Magazine, France (#138, december 2013)
Review by Francois Blanc / English translation by Romain Carrié

Finally, Keldian is back! Without news for 5 years and the release of the beautiful "Lords of Polaris"
we feared that the duo might be lost for ever into space and time... But it would have been misjudging the valour and the determination of these explorers, who apparently had not said their last word!

Outbound is the third album of the band that, like many others nowadays, decided to get rid of label and autoproduce their music. It seems that no external pressure came to limit the creativity of the band whose musical universe has never been so abundant.

Describing precisely Keldian's purpose is not an easy thing, however it's our duty to try: imagine a powerful and very melodic power metal, enhanced with atmospheric keyboards, a discrete progressive reference and melodies reminiscent of the best of 80s rock. In addition, a male singing in a medium register, classic but very expressive and well used, a great sense of melody and refrains (morning light moutain, burn the sky) and a sci-fi universe well exploited and clearly visual (keyboards produce perfectly the hyperspace ambience dear to the band). Sometimes fast (never existed), sometimes mid-tempo (the silfen paths), all the tracks have this little something more that makes you wanna hear them again. Even if some titles seem to be less inspired (run for your life), Keldian master their music and manage to avoid facility by using rich enough arrangements so lassitude doesn't appear.

Very melodic and terribly catchy, Outbound is without doubt amongst the must-hear power metal albums of the year, listen to it without further delay!

Score: 8 / 10

Dec 10, 2013

Your Outbound Contributor's Edition CD is in the mail!

Merry Christmas to all contributors (and to Keldian fans all over the world)!
The Contributor's Edition CDs are all in the mail, and can be expected to arrive within 2-8 days.
Please have patience if your CD is delayed, postal services worldwide are swamped with holiday mail.

Oct 31, 2013

Outbound is out!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard right, Outbound is finally out!

Contributors check your email.

Everyone else: head on over to our album store!

Click here to buy OUTBOUND

Digital distribution is being rolled out, and Outbound should also be available in these stores within a week or two: Nokia OVI, Rdio, 7Digital, Simfy, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Wimp, Deezer, Google Play, Vidzone Digital, 24/7.

Oct 26, 2013

Keldian feature interview at Auditory Spectrum

We talk to Zack Miller from Auditory Spectrum about our upcoming album, song-writing, inspirations, artistic mystery and the future of Keldian!

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Keldian Talk Next Sci-fi Metal Adventure, Outbound

Oct 22, 2013

Outbound release info

The new Keldian album will be yours on Halloween, October 31! It will be available exclusively in our Keldian Album Store for the first couple of weeks. After that it will roll out in all other outlets like iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The album will have the same price in all outlets, to the best of our ability. We choose to make it available to you as soon as it's finished, which is why our Album Store will be the exclusive outlet for the first couple of weeks. The other outlets take some more time to roll the album out after having it delivered to them.

The contributor's edition CDs will then be pressed and signed and mailed to you. This will take more time, and delivery will obviously depend upon international mail. But everyone who claimed the limited edition CD in the Indiegogo campaign will receive a free lossless quality download by e-mail on Halloween. Same procedure as the exclusive previews.

There will be no preorders taken. The album will be made available to you the very day it's finally done. You will all get the message right here WHEN WE PUSH THE BUTTON!

Click here to go directly to our album store!

Oct 21, 2013

Keldian Q&A: Answers (part 2)

Q: 1) What about the new album ? Will be guests (vocal/instrumental) involved in the release ? What will be the main theme ? What version could we hope: physical, digital or the both, please ? 
2) Have you already thinked about a CD reissue of "Journey Of Souls" ? –Axldobby

CHRIS: Axldobby, it will all be revealed very soon! The title is the first clue, OUTBOUND. And it will be very much Keldian’s type of lyrics, with a twist. The pros and cons of humankind’s quest for space. Will we explore or destroy?

There will be some guest appearances on the record. And it will be available in all digital formats everywhere, with limited edition CDs only for those who funded the album through earlier this year.

ARILD: No reissues are planned yet. Someone would have to be willing to do sales/distro/shipping for that to happen I think. Keldian is a hobby for us, and we simply don’t have time to do this ourselves. Keeping the inventory, taking orders, packing, shipping etc. is a lot of work. Besides, the demand for physical CDs is rapidly diminishing. We’re open for suggestions though, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Q: If you were a soup, what flavor of soup would you be? -Anonymous

CHRIS: I’d be a secret recipe. An acquired taste. Frequently sent back to the counter where the complainer is met with a stern ”no more soup for you!”

ARILD: Chris can have his «medium crab bisque» (and the antique armoire), haha. How about an Irish single malt whiskey? Matured in cherry casks. Yes, that sounds about right. Is it 5 o’clock yet Chris?

CHRIS: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

Q: Anyone here actually have the pre-production cd with 5 songs released as the very first Keldian release? –Anonymous

CHRIS: There is some confusion about this, so let’s clear it up! Keldian is listed some places, like the, with a ”Demo” released in 2005. They’re talking about the Salvation For The Guilty recording, under the name Keld, which you can find in our website’s Hidden History section. Keldian never released anything before the first album. Then we started writing the first Keldian album in 2005, and the first 5 songs we wrote and recorded were Crusader, Heaven’s Gate, Requiem For The Light, Beyond The Stars, and Plains Of Forever.

This was never released, it’s simply the early versions of those songs, almost identical to the album versions. The only difference is really the drums – the early versions had programmed drums, which doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as the real drums. We only played this for Jørn and a few other friends prior to starting the album proper, to get a little feedback and let Jørn know what was going on. Then it became the album. We don’t even have a copy of this ourselves anymore, so it simply doesn’t exist.

Q: I have a question that I've been wondering about every since I heard the song Vinland: what are the complete lyrics? There is this part in... Norwegian? And I wonder what is said. –Rob van den Berg

CHRIS: It’s Norwegian, Rob, that’s right. It’s taken from the Norse sagas that tell of the Viking discovery of America around 1000 A.D., about 500 years before Columbus. The central character is Leif Erikson (there’s an annual Erikson Day in the US, actually), and the words are something like this: ”Then Leif set sail for the sea, and he saw a land he had never known, where the wheat grew and vines were found. Leif named the land for its riches, and called it Vinland.”

ARILD: I remember we did multiple versions of this passage, with different readers. The tone of voice and dialect spoken changed the feel of it quite dramatically. Eventually we ended up going with Gjermund Elgenes’ version. Gjermund really does sound like an old Viking on that take. For those of you into Norwegian music, Gjermund is the younger brother of singer Øivind «Elg» Elgenes from the band «Dance with a Stranger». They share a very distinct and powerful voice.

Q: Which songs of Keldian do you like the most/consider the best (on terms of how they managed to convery what you wanted them to), and why? –Rob van den Berg

ARILD: The Last Frontier was inspired by the remake of Battlestar Galactica, and I think the song conveys the determination, desperation, and the constant on-the-run feel of the series. (Especially the two first seasons of it.) So in that sense I think it turned out great. But this is just a random example since I like them all, and they all rock equally hard.

CHRIS: I think our best album is just around the corner, Outbound! But I also really like Journey Of Souls. I think every song on that record got a sound that suited the lyrical subject matter. But if I had to pick one song, I’d probably go for Plains Of Forever on the first album. I’m still very happy with how that turned out, and I can’t remember how it was written, which is often the case with my favorite songs.

Q: 1) Assuming you were to go an a tour, and could play in any town/city or at any festival you like: What places would you choose, any why?
2) Just as you have your sources of inspiration for your work, you have been an inspiration for a lot of your fans. What does it feel like to know that somewhere out there, people feel about your work just the same as you about all the things that have fueled your own imagination and ambitions? To know that somehow, the music you make influenced aspects of another person's life?
3) Uh-oh, non-music question. Your favourite characters from the Hyperion Cantos? Why? –Ama

CHRIS: 1) Ama, it would be cool to tour mainland Europe, because there are so many countries and cities I would like to see. And obviously the US would be great, I’ve only visited once and I loved it. But really, we’d want to go anywhere! If someone could just pay for it… ;-)
2) In one word: Humbling.
3) How can you not love/fear the Shrike? And I also love the Aenea character. The ending of the Cantos is why.

ARILD: 1) Why nickle-and-dime when we’re daydreaming… Europe first (including Sweden Rock), then the States, from coast to coast, with the final concert at the launch-ramp at Cape Canaveral.
2) I think it’s great. It’s a good feeling. And inspiration can come from the most unexpected directions and places. Expression in art is the song of the soul as they say. Always keep an open mind.
3) I’ll have to go with the Consul. Come on, he dresses like a pirate, has his own starship, opens the time tombs and releases the shrike. The Consul is one crabby, pissed off old guy, on his own personal mission to stir up the universe. Why settle for less, right?

Q: I just recently heard the albums Salvation for the Guilty and Burden of Dreams for the first time. Do you have any intention of posting the lyrics for the included songs on your website? What about the translated lyrics for Hope (the Japanese bonus track)? –McSkivv

CHRIS: No plans to post those lyrics, sorry. And when it comes to Hope, I’m as curious as you are, McSkivv. Is that latin, Arild?

ARILD: Yes it’s latin… «You don't speak Latin? Well that's something we shall have to remedy, isn't it?» ;-)

Q: You've said that some of your influences are 80s pop rock and electronic music. Has the 8-bit music of 80s video games such as Mega Man, Castlevania, or space shooters ever been an inspiration? –Mike
I became a fan when my friend played me Sundancer while playing Freelancer and fell in love straight away. What other games gave you inspiration for your music? –FyBe

ARILD: I grew up with the games on the Commodore 64 and the Amiga 500, and I still think a lot of the computer music from that era was great. Not very impressive hardware in the digital domain those days , but lots of good melodic content. Remember the names Ben Daglish and Martin Galway? Haha, those were the days. But we’ve got lots of good music in games these days as well. The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock, Journey to name just a few. Hey, maybe Keldian could do a game soundtrack one day? Wouldn’t that be cool!

Q: I'd like to know about the background sounds in the song Requiem from Salvation for the Guilty, are they related to the lyrics in Requiem for the Light? –Keldianer

ARILD: No they’re not related. The sound-fx are related to the lyrical theme of Salvation for the Guilty. Musically it’s the same passage, but played in a different key on Requiem for the Light I think. I just love the sound of pipe organs, and this piece is part of an organ-song I never finished. Back in high school I had a really cool piano teacher (who was also the municipal organist), and often we would head over to the church to play the organ instead. Sitting in front of an instrument that has tons and tons of pipes and just blasting away is a priceless feeling. Heavy metal indeed.

Q: Do you identify yourselves more as existentialists or naturalists? -Anonymous

CHRIS: Personally, I don’t identify myself as either. Check out literature on quantum entanglement!

Q: Your colleagues of Mantikora from Denmark also wrote an album on the Hyperion Cantos. Whether you communicated with Dan Simmons? -Yuri

CHRIS: Manticora released an album called Hyperion way back in 2002, that’s right. We have never communicated with Dan Simmons, but we hope he wouldn’t mind us basing lyrics on his work… The only Keldian song that directly references the Hyperion series so far is the track Hyperion on Journey Of Souls, but you can expect another one on the new album, a sinister and catchy mid-tempo rocker that deals with a certain manhunt (or should that be girlhunt?) in Endymion and The Rise Of Endymion. The song is called A Place Above The Air and sort of picks up where Hyperion left off.

Sep 14, 2013

Contributors Outbound preview ONLINE!

The exclusive contributors preview of Outbound is now online. Contributors, check your inboxes.

For the first time since may 6th 2008, new Keldian songs are heard by fans all over the world.

Completing all mixes and shipping the files over to Finnvox for mastering is the next milestone on the road to Outbound. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sep 12, 2013

Exclusive contributor's preview

2 tracks from OUTBOUND!

On Saturday, September 14, Indiegogo contributors to the OUTBOUND production will receive an exclusive preview of the forthcoming Keldian album. Contributors will get a stream of the tracks "Burn The Sky" and "Morning Light Mountain". The link will be mailed to the e-mail address you registered with Indiegogo upon your contribution. The stream goes live at 3 pm Norwegian time (GMT +2) this Saturday.
Figure out your time-zone!

OUTBOUND is currently on course for an October release. Stay tuned!

If you've changed your e-mail since contributing,
send the correct email, AND the email it replaces (for verification) to:
...or by private message on our Facebook page.

Aug 27, 2013

Outbound track listing revealed!

The track listing of Outbound will be as follows:

9. F.T.L.

Contributor's Edition Bonus Track:
10. SCOUNDREL DAYS (a-ha cover)

On another note; drum sessions with Jorn are now almost complete, and most of the tracks are "in-the-box". We are very pleased with the results. Jorn is an amazing drummer, and he really lifts the material to the next level. Also, a couple of songs have already come pretty far in the mixing process. Stuff will rock, and things will roll ;-)